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Please fill out this quiz and post it upon entry to this community...

¤ Basics ¤
¤ Name / Nickname ¤-Autumn, on rare occasion the nickname is "MoJo"
¤ Age ¤ 16, 17 in a few months. (late summer birthday)
¤ Zodiac Sign: ¤ Leo
¤ Location: ¤ Steubenville Ohio

¤ Favorites ¤
¤ Psychopathic Artist: ¤ Madrox
¤ Psychopathic Song(s): ¤ Right now-"How Does It Feel"-Twiztid
¤ Psychopathic Cd(s): ¤ Tales From the Lotus Pod, or Mostasteless
¤ Psychopathic Tour: ¤ If the Gathering doesn't count, I'll say the Guillotine Tour..It's new, but I was quite impressed.

¤ Questions ¤
¤ Have you ever been to a "Gathering Of The Juggalos"?Yes
¤ If so which one(s)? Just last year (2005)
¤ What was your favorite Gathering to go to? Why?--
¤ Best Gathering memories? Basically everything...But to say just one memory, I'll go with the shows. So big, so amazing.
¤ Worst Gathering memories? Walking back to the car like over a mile away at the end of the night, since me and my friends were too broke to get a campsite.

¤ Picture(s)... ¤
<img alt="A sort of goofy picture from last year's Gathering." src="http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a63/ManiaxeKilla07/Gathering%202005/ScaryAutumn.jpg" />&lt;Goofy picture from last year's Gathering.

<img alt="" src="http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a63/ManiaxeKilla07/Promnstuff001_edited.jpg" />&lt;&lt;A kind of bad picture from Prom


<img alt="" src="http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a63/ManiaxeKilla07/AnJDericsParty.jpg" />&lt;&lt;My boyfriend, Jamie, and I. Sorry if it's too dark.

And, that's it. Sorry if I did do the cut thing wrong, I can be really retarded with computers sometimes. I do hope that this community can come back to life since the Gathering is commig up and it's great to find other people from all around who are also going.

Thanks - MCL

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